Simple House + Fantastic Flooring

Simple and clean and perfectly delightful.

This wood floor is wonderful. We had something similar in our last house and it really hid the daily mess well, plus I like how it lightens a room.

I am finally starting to get serious about putting up pictures of the kiddos and our life. I am not a pictures scattered around the house kind of girl and have been trying to figure out how to make it work for me. This wall of photos might be it, but where would I put it? How long would it take to sort out frame and image sizes? hmmm.

Love this.

T is almost done with his never ending art project, so we might actually get this house looking put together soon (which is actually late).

Oooh . . .

More photos and info (in Danish) here and a slideshow here.
via Design Mom


Jane Flanagan said...

I love that picture arrangement.
I also love the row of box-shelfs along the one wall. I've been eye-ing something similar for a beside table but I never thought of lining them up like this!

Holly said...

Oooh, post a picture if you do it!