Luck vs. Work

"I'm a great believer in luck
and I find the harder I work, 
the more I have of it."

Thomas Jefferson

T and I had a discussion about hard work vs. luck this week and this quote is a good conclusion .  The timing in reading this was perfect, or you could say it was good luck! 

Indoor Climbing Wall

We know we should choose stairs over elevators to get a little more exercise, but using the rock wall seems like an even better choice... 

This room would make my monkey-kids so happy, and I would appreciate the good night's rest the exertion used on this wall would provide.  You could always keep the rock wall close to the ground when kids are little and add more climbing holds and height as they grow older.


If this nightlight were on my child's dresser we would dream up an imaginary fairy family and create all sorts of nightly adventures for them.


Reflecting Pool

I don't think I would ever go back inside.
via aug 05 BHG mag

Holiday Parsons Chairs

I wanted to keep this chair-decor idea around just in case I feel extra festive this holiday season.
scanned via a local magazine


Stainless Steel Island

Large "counter top overhangs" are a must, regardless of the material used.

Cupboards or Drawers?

I think I like the look of "horizontal cupboards" on top and all drawers on the bottom.
(Don't you love my technical terms?)


ABC Shelf

The chalkboard is great, but the ABC shelf is what has me really excited.

I need a vacation...

Somewhere in New Zealand. Just where I need to be.
via dti

Chalboard Wall

How is this for an inspiration board?
via dti


Kid's Room

If this was our home we would have to start eating meals in the bedroom because the kids would never want to leave it.
Designed by Amok
Image via desire to inspire