Entry Light Ideas

(I am really enjoying the tile work in this room.)

We are nearing the end of the summer of the never-ending house projects. We are also nearing the end of the house-projects period. Hooray!

One of the last things we're figuring out is the entry light. We have one of those glass-encased brass chandelier monstrosities that needs to go, but we haven't found anything we've loved to replace it with that works with this house and our price range. We are leaning toward replacing the brass chain and cord with silver and finding a drum lamp shade or two that would cover the existing chandelier after the glass casing was removed. Making a transparent circular bottom for the shade would keep you from seeing the chandelier from below. Because it is a two-story entry we are thinking a single drum might be too plain, so whether or not to tier, how many levels, what sizes, color, etc. are on the mind.

I think we are partial to the tiered look for the entry.
It needs a little something more than just a drum.

We would have the same chandelier-inside-the-drum affect, and choosing to let that show is kind of cool.

just imagine

I think I tend to think of lights being placed above mirrors, and I like that these aren't.

And a couple of the Random Pendant because I love it.

via Decor8

I am pretty sure that most of the photos are from Desire to Inspire. I've neglected to stay on top of proper labeling due to rapid searches and downloading for immediate comparison rather than blogging, but decided I now want to save a lot of these rooms and ideas that have stood out to me over the last couple of months. The occasional mis- or unlabeled photo may appear as I do this. I am happy to correct this if anyone happens to stumble across something that deserves proper credit.
{I know, bad blogging etiquette...}