Grays and White


(I like casters on coffee tables.
I'm not a huge fan of lots of mismatched chairs, but it works very well here.)

Suddenly the hours I've already put into hand painting our stair banisters white seem worth it.

Then again, I am only on the second coat of primer on the first half of the project...

...ask me again in a month or so.

We've talked about painting our wood floors white, or possibly a somewhat transparent light white-gray so you could still see the wood grain. We'll probably wind up just taking the stain darker because our house isn't, well, it isn't our house in the sense that it isn't worth making just the way we want. Close enough works for now, until we eventually live in a home that matches our tastes from the inside out and where we don't feel the need to worry about future buyers.

I knew I liked this rug, but in this setting I am absolutely smitten.

(See more of this house here.)