Coral Pendant - DWR

This light has always appealed to me, but I couldn't picture it in a room . . .

Now I can and I love it!

room image via
Traditional Home, found on Oh Happy Day

Absolutely Lovely

I have fallen in love with smaller, intimate garden areas and am particularly enamored of this timeless, classic look at the moment. I am finding myself fantasizing (key word!) about a very large piece of land with all sorts of diverse "mini gardens/nooks" hidden throughout.
scanned via Garden Design Mag

Cheaper than therapy:
Lie down and see what the clouds tell you.

Katy McColl - O At Home


Roche Bobois

I am so glad to have been introduced to Roche Bubois.

If I'm going to have appealing books I might as well have appealing bookshelves!
via ill seen, ill said

Don't waste time karate-chopping pillows. If your cushions look perfect, you're probably not taking enough naps.

-Katy McColl - O At Home mag



Chesapeake Hanging Lounger

I want every future porch of mine to have one of these . . .

Something to try

Figure out how long you'd spend on something if you were doing it at the last minute. Then give yourself only that amount of time (try setting an alarm), but do it right away instead of putting it off.

-Excerpt from Julie Morgenstern's When Organizing Isn't Enough

I might need to read this book. This is great advice.

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."

-Elizabeth Stone


Paper Cakes

To make a long story short, there was an attempt at making a paper box cake with individual wedding favors for our guests to take home after our wedding dinner. It didn't work out so well. When I saw the paper cakes from this Etsy company, Daisy and Dots, I knew I had to remember it in case I ever felt a need to improve upon the previous attempt. (By that I mean simply purchase one of these.)

Aren't they fantastic?


Kravet Furniture

Bar Harbor Bench. Absolutely delightful.

Eames Postage

Charles and Ray Eames Postage Stamps available in June.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

-Mother Teresa

My Princess

I love her free spirit and adoration of all things unconventional.

This will change when she is a teenager . . .

Kitchen Must Haves

scanned via Renovation Style?
I am trying to keep track of a couple random "must haves" for any future kitchens I might have a say in. Nothing special, and I know I will add to this list as I remember things and come up with ideas

Cabinets that go to the ceiling are a must, but they have to be broken up somehow. I do like the look of frosted glass.

Cookbook Shelves. I like how this kitchen breaks up cabinets with shelving.

Ample natural lighting. No more turning on a light for breakfast. Use shelves on window idea if storage space will be sacrificed. Pay attention to the direction the house is facing and how this affects each room!

image via black eiffel
Convenient and ample organized storage for spices is a must. Either a horizontal pull out drawer like this, or a narrow vertical slide out cupboard/drawer.


Sakul Intakul

I am amazed by the talent and originality of Sakul Intakul, and think I need to browse through this book (Tropical Colors) soon.

Another scan via May '08 Garden Design Mag


Interesting Island. I'm not a red person, but I love the use of color.

Nut Pendant Lamp - Ray Power

Lately I have found myself feeling attracted to items that feel fluid. This pendant seems to fit in that category.

Ron Mann Design

I have decided that I am not very skilled at finding things online. After scouring the internet for images of Ron Mann's work, specifically furniture, I just gave up and scanned this delightful chair that was part of a feature in May's Garden Design Magazine. It is a good excuse to showcase this amazing setting. The fountain is genius.

Ron Mann Design (.com) is under construction, but there is a brief write up on him here. I can't wait to be able to see more of his creative projects.

For Mandi

This tennis court setting makes me want to stop being the only person in my family that doesn't play tennis. It also makes me want to live on an ancient English Manor, so I don't know if I should go with the feelings the image evokes.
scanned via Garden Design

Fire Pit

I think this is the most ideal fire pit setting I have ever seen.
scanned via May's Garden Design


Spring Blossoms

I accidentally clicked on a folder of blossom photos and found myself liking this first one. Out yard has an abundance of Spring blossoms and it is hard to describe how truly magical it looks, and I sure couldn't figure out a way to capture it on camera, so this was a fairly pleasant surprise. If only the thick branch wasn't there.


Snack Rules

I was reading in a kiddo magazine about a Mom's rule that if the kids want a snack while watching TV or a movie it has to be vegetables. Not such a bad idea considering how mindlessly we all eat when something is on. I might have to try it out, but allow veggies and fruit.

Lovely Rocking Chair

I am so excited about this chair. A friend was getting rid of it and I was lucky enough to grab it. It is gorgeous, perfectly sized for little kids, and absolutely ancient which just adds to the appeal. I have had my eye on one from Roebuck Studio, so this was and will be very appreciated.

I couldn't resist snapping a random shot as I was heading upstairs with my camera, and fortunately it led to some funny pictures of the munchkins who have spent most of the day gravitating toward the rocker and rocking. Hooray for great timing and great finds!

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

-Franklin Jones


Jerome Lagarrigue

"Carwash" by Jerome Lagarrigue.

I really admire his street scenes. He brings a real beauty to the simplest everyday scenes and locations. It's not quite my typical style, and this isn't my favorite piece, but it was the only image I could find. M would love this . . .

I found Jerome Lagarrigue through his illustrations for Maya Angelou's edition of Poetry for Young People. M and I happened to focus on the illustration on the back flap (?), and it was amazing to watch Max interpret the art for himself. There was a light house and a stormy sky/sea, and Max found himself a shipwreck within the sea and that was just the beginning of his exploration and interpretation of the piece. It was a neat moment and I'd like to remember it.

Cape Cod Exterior + Lovely Light

This blog has been a fun way for me to start figuring out what design styles I really like. My version of the folder full of design/project ideas I guess, but without the ripped paper pile. Over the years T and I have really been drawn to Cape Cod exteriors, and this home is particularly delightful.

Interiors of the home saved mostly because of how well the design of this home allows for amazing amounts of natural light.

I truly love this back splash.
scanned via Spring '08 Renovation Style

Martha Stewart's Veggie Garden

It is that time of year again, and I am attempting another garden even thought the rabbits and deer ate a good chunk of it last year. Martha Stewart's amazing garden with the unbelievably protective fence looks like what I should really be aspiring to, but until I have more hired help than fingers I'll stick with my current plans.
Here are the details. Amazing.
scanned via March's MS Living



I have been reading that studies(?) are finding that multitasking is not as effective as focusing on something until it is done. I don't know if this is really a change in thought for me, but I am definitely feeling like this makes a lot of sense. I usually feel like a chicken running with it's head cut off, but lately I am feeling about as useful as one, and I think ineffective multitasking is to blame.

Multitasking is a way of life for me as a Mother, but between all the interruptions that life and kids provide, it is just too hard to lose my place or forget where I am at in the midst of the chaos. I think that by laying out individual tasks and not moving on until they are done I will be able to accomplish more and minimize the ever present procrastination tendency. I am actually starting to think that this might even give me more free time to just enjoy life and the munchkins.

The kids are in bed and I am ready to start. Here's to a more organized and enjoyable life!


Benoit Dhennin

I just discovered Benoit Dhennin, and I must confess to being quite intrigued!

This print is available here, hmmm.

Propeller Trivet - Jakob Wagner

This nifty little Propeller turns into a convenient, yet decent looking table mat to keep your hot pots from ruining your table. I might need one or two.


They keep me on my toes . . .

I love being a Mom.

Specifically, I love being a Mom to my children.

My dear sweet, crazy children that do their best to explore and discover and make me question my sanity on a daily basis.

Thanks for choosing me.

Border Hedge

One of our landscape designs includes a small hedge as a border. I love this visual.


I really, really like sharing new experiences with my kids. It is such a privilege to introduce them to something completely new, then watch their faces light up with the joy of discovery. It is strangely fascinating to realize how much they don't yet know, and scary to realize that it is up to me to teach and show them.

I frequently catch myself saying something I just expect them to understand, and then realize that there is no way that that could make sense to them/they would know the background. Stepping back to give what is a simple and basic explanation to me makes me think, and makes me realize that it isn't always easy to go back to the basics and clarify daily "moments," sayings, or experiences that are taken for granted and just understood for what they are. I don't know if what I just wrote makes sense, but I assume I could compare it to saying/teaching slang to someone that speaks a different language. There isn't always a logical explanation, but it just makes sense when you get it.

I know that they will eventually figure things out on their own, but I like being part of the discovery, and I like that I can exert my influence at this early age. I want them to look and think outside of their little world and realize the potential in everything around them. I really just want them to think and discover for themselves, to be a little braver, a little more intuitive, a little more aware.

Today, M requested lettuce with his dinner, and happily ate a few leaves. He even ate an onion that had been caramelized in butter and honey (How could you not?). While these are very rare occurrences, they thrill me. Maybe he is becoming a bit braver, a bit more adventurous, a little more aware.


Treku Bookcase

The Treku Shelving System from DWR. Absolutely Delightful.

See more at Remodelista.

I want . . .

. . .to feel like I am at a spa every single day.

eighty8 words

I've never been a jewelry person, but I've been finding things that make me want to change that. eighty8 Words is my current favorite spot.

I would be very won over if hubby got me "smitten" or "adored."

I only wish I rated "reckless!"

Love it

Isn't this painting amazing?

{Photograph by Keith Scott Morton}


Window Shelf

Lots of scans lately . . .

I have seen this "shelf on window" approach a few places. Not only is it practical, but it looks pretty cool.

It would give me another excuse to expand my dish collection. . .

scanned via Spring Renovation Style

Wall of Windows

Lots of windows and lots of light are a must. Interesting windows are even better.

My initial instinct would have been to just have solid glass to have as much view as possible, but the simple complexity (?) of this wall is just so visually appealing.

scanned via Spring Renovation Style?


Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity/back splash idea would work beautifully in our master bathroom and might be just the solution we are looking for.
scanned via Renovation Style winter 2007 issue

Discarding/Spring Cleaning . . .

"I have learned that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to unclutter one's life by starting at the top of the pile with the idea that the solution is to just get things sorted and better organized. It is nice to get better organized, but that is not enough. Much has to be discarded. We must actually get rid of it."

William R. Bradford

I have been telling myself that I just need to get things sorted and better organized. I have been working hard at it too. Bummer.

Scheduling future posts?

I just discovered Blogger's new option of "scheduling posts," and I think that it is quite simply the greatest thing ever. What a great way to save things all at once without having to go into publish overload!

No one likes checking a blog that isn't updated frequently. Even though this blog is solely for me, I still understand and respect the no update frustration, so here is the answer!

And oh how helpful this will be for tutus & turtles . . .


For My Dad

Because no one would have enjoyed this more than you. Too bad we live across the country.

(You would be proud, there is only one tiny piece left! No 3-month old Haagen Daz this time.)


Capiz Garland

I definitely have a soft spot for anything involving Capiz Shells, and this garland is no exception. The possibilities are endless . . .
via hostess with the mostess