White Leonardo Pendant Light

Oooohhh . . .

Image via Y Lighting

Rolo Turtle Pretzels

I've seen this done with varying kinds of Hershey kisses with m&m's smooshed on top (the white striped mint ones are delicious with this!), but this is a new combo for me.
image via Hostess Blog

Things I'm looking forward to in 2008

I was tagged and decided to adjust it a bit to make it fit.

So, here are a few things I am looking forward to in 2008:

*Not being sick. I feel like at least one family member has been sick since Christmas and I am burned out. I've just started feeling better, and then M gets a high fever last night and wakes up repeatedly. He is pretty miserable and now my throat hurts again.
*Hanging out in the backyard with the kids.
*A vacation. Is the remote possibility that one could involve just me & Trev in our future? Somewhere warm? Maybe in 2009?
*Starting a yoga class.
*Writing down thoughts here. I like this place. I like randomly saving all sorts of favorite finds, sticking them in a folder and then organizing a few here when I have a minute. No more forgetting that cool thing I saw back in '07 somewhere.
*Having my memory return so that I can remember things I want to look forward to.

Things we hope we are hoping happen with the house in 2008:

*Tear out the front yard. Entirely. Give it some curb appeal.
*Replace all the windows. Wood + humidity = rot. We don't want to deal with this.
*Find light fixtures for the dining room and family room, maybe the entry.
*Gut the master bathroom.
*Deal with main bathroom and pink sink.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles by Seletti . . . too cool.

swinging, letting loose

These two look so carefree and happy. I aspire to lean back and let my hair blow in the wind many times this year.

I also aspire to jump from seemingly impossible heights.


Kitchen Island

I really like this island. A lot.
I think the Designer is Vincent Van Duysen.

Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist
but the ability to start over.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Erik's sweet little sister who didn't like me too much. That's ok, because I liked her.

Book Staircase

Unreal. What a unique approach to stairs.
via bltd via at


This is the style of kitchen faucets I like. They are so practical too.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

My chocolate curls finally worked out!

Candied hazelnuts, not poop turds.



Orbit Lounge - JANUS et cie

My favorite find in this month's Garden Design magazine is the Orbit Lounge by JANUS et cie.
This has to be the perfect outdoor seat.

Beautiful even without the canopy, but not quite as cozy.

Rainbow Chandelier

So not me from a serious decor perspective, but for $36 this would be oh so cool for the right party.

Just think about what it would do with some sunlight . . . I think I might be convincing myself, we'll see.

From Urban Outfitters via Hostess blog

They melt me




I am so lucky to have these two.

Neoporte Doors

I don't know where I found this, but I labeled it Neoporte Doors and they are amazing.

Snowman Cupcakes

One of the few good things about the cold . . . cute and festive cupcakes!

via the fabulous Bakerella


Missing this . . .

Lazy July days, hanging out in our backyard, tossing rocks at the fish.


Letting Go

This is what I am feeling a need for: letting go. By letting go I mean letting go of any preconceptions I may have of what life or a day will hold. Just let go and go with the flow, just go with the feelings of the moment. Just let things unravel as they unravel and see where things lead. Then follow that lead. Don't hold back.

Today we finger painted. We have never done it before, I just didn't want to deal with it. It felt good. It sort of set the mood for the day. Later that day I was reading Aesop's Fables with M and we came across the story of the bird that drops the pebbles in the narrow-necked container to raise the water to drink. I let go. I asked him if he wanted to try what the bird did. He was happy to be asked. We experimented and had the most fantastic time. It was so entertaining to see how interesting and exciting this was for my baby. To see a problem and discover a solution. To know that he can make things happen if he puts his mind to it. To know that he can take anything and make it his reality.

So, I'd like to continue letting go and see what happens. To see the possibilities. To make them my reality.

( I realize I am putting this online for almost anyone to read, but it feels kind of weird to be sharing all my personal thoughts. I know it is not the first time, but somehow this feels different. Maybe this is me letting go and following through. Maybe someone other than me needs these thoughts . . . Or maybe my head is still too sick and foggy to be writing.)


We've been wondering why we don't move to a warm place, a really really warm place. Maybe we will eventually. And if we do, I hope my back porch view is something like this.

I love the stairs inside the pool.
image via garden design

Perfect White Bowl

This bowl is perfection. I need to get to Macy's.

White Cake Stands

I've been looking for a white cake stand and these are the first that have really caught my eye. I love how simple and thick they are.

Cozy Spots

Oh how I would love a cozy outdoor sitting area!
(I should be looking for realistic landscape design for our front yard, but a private backyard spot is more appealing right now)

via Garden Design.com


Great Table Setting

We love having people over and I like to think that eventually I could be this on the ball when it came to entertaining. The colors they have used are fabulous.


These cupcakes make me feel like Spring (and make me think of Rainbow Brite, funny)

Click here to see more from the hello naomi's cupcake and cookie flickr gallery, it is amazing.

via hostess blog

White Winter Party

This is delightful . . .
via Domino

Favorite White Dinnerware

I had been looking for the perfect white dinnerware, and have had my heart set on this set from Kohl's for quite awhile. I just need to remember to keep my eye out for one of their great sales because I want a set of 20-24. (I know you are wondering if we even have that many friends)

I am a little perplexed as to why they are calling it Food Network brand now. Last time I had checked they were a regular brand (can't remember the name), oh well.


Found it!

I found the "flower art" from Sixx Design's owner's home on flickr! At initial glance I thought this was neat and moved on but it keeps coming back to me as a really unique and visually appealing idea for a teen or "tweenagers" room so I am so glad to have the image. I love Sixx Design's philosophy of putting art in kid's rooms to teach them to appreciate and enjoy it.
Thanks for posting it Design Dad!


Wish I were here . . .

I've started taking on the ridiculous task of organizing our old photos and I found these images taken at my Grandparent's place 2 summers ago.

I wish I were there right now.


I need to go through some photos I took for a friend awhile back, so here are a couple to get me started.

I like this one because my son is rapidly turning into the king of goofy picture faces, and it shows he is not alone! What is it with boys around this age?


My friend has given up sugar and red meat for Lent, and while I am not converting to Catholicism I though it would be interesting to join her in the no sugar part after V-day. I've never given up sugar and am curious to see how it will go. I like savory more than sweet, so I have to think that it shouldn't be too bad, although we all know what deprivation will do to us! I am making an exception for A's b-day cake and our favorite Rice a'la monde that I will be making for M's class this week (I have to bring in something with cherries for a snack (?) and I sweeten this by taste so I'll have to have a bite or two!). We'll see how I feel about this whole thing come Easter!
Found these darling cupcake bites on Bakerella; they are just too fun. The cake pops would be a fun way to dress up Ashley's Oreo truffles.

Images via bakerella


Valentine's Day always prompts floral discussions between Trev and I, and having recently seen some gorgeous arrangements, I thought I would save them for my wonderful hubby.

images via Oh Happy Day


Desire to Inspire

Found one more great design blog with all sorts of fun pictures, Desire to Inspire. I love the clean colors in this house and how the sitting area is tied into the kitchen below. I am a huge book nut and found the set-back bookshelves so appealing.

Bookshelves in what looks like a hall? Brilliant. What a great way to take advantage of wasted space, especially by making a mini sitting area or having it next to a family room/library area.

I like this staircase but my favorite part is just that it isn't wasted space. A definite must.

We love big mirrors, but this just take it to an entirely different (an entirely amazing) level.