Hydrangea it is . . .

Boxwood and hydrangea for the front yard I think. I am excited. I know certain hydrangea grow blue flowers with the right amount of acid in the soil, and while I am planning on sticking with whites and greens to go with our red brick, having the option of turning things blue if we paint our brick could make for a very stunning yard.

It is funny how our tastes "evolve." I loved the landscaping on our last home, but knew it would never work with our current place and now actually no longer like the old look. If you would have told me 3 months ago that I would be trying to grow a manicured hedge I probably would have given you a weird look. Fortunately I like change and learning from my personal style evolution.

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Melissa said...

I love love love Hydrangea's. Sharleen has them in her backyard and they are so beautiful.