These lovely lips that refused to stay up have really grown on me.

When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.




Updated and Remodeled Eichler

This family took some creative license with the update and expansion of their Eichler home and I think it is a tasteful blend of old and new.

(At first glance I thought that the table was a pull-out table, similar to this one. It isn't, but it could be a convenient feature.)

See more images here and read about this house here.


Snowy Mountain View

T misses the mountains. With this view I do to.
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Fire Pole

My son would go crazy over this.

(I just showed him the picture and after staring wide-eyed for a minute he informed that he wanted a bed just like that.)

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Cork Walls + Flying Books

Setting cork into the wainscoting in this Craftsman bungalow was brilliant.
This might be the best idea ever for displaying daily art projects.

The flying books in this reading corner make me happy.

See more of this house here, and see how to make your own cork wall here.

A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.

-Jerry Seinfield


I think the word "child" could be traded for "two-year old."


Happy Earth Day

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A friend has an opportunity to buy an Eichler home, and while I realize that these images are the "afters" to what would be their"befores," I can't help but be a bit too jealous.

This sunken kitchen made me think of the one from this house, although of course I didn't scan that part of the home in.

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Concrete Floors

T has been mentioning his love of concrete floors.

He has also been talking about I-beams, which makes me give him sideways glances wondering how he could have forgotten that our daughter bumps her sweet little head on everything.

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Color + Animals

Aren't these details great?
I am loving the color and the genius way of displaying stuffed animals.

{See more from this room here.}


Squares On Wall

I did something similar to this with squares of cork on my office wall and use it as a place to pin and save things. I have loved the look so much that I have seriously toyed with doing it in my entryway. These squares look nicer than cork and show how great the idea can look.

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re:place, image via dti

Perfectly Imperfect



My laptop is dying...

I gave it a weeks vacation in the hopes that that might help revive it, but after 5 years of good service it is saying goodbye. I am sitting here holding the power cord in place, transferring anything and everything to my external hard drive hoping I don't lose anything in case of sudden death.


Art - 2Michaels Design

I like these canvases.

{Design by 2Michaels}
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