Simple Geometry

Don't you feel like you are about to enter a secret garden?

I want to duplicate the centerpiece of succulents.

scanned via sept 08 garden design

New Year's Grapes

"In Spain, revelers mark the new year by quickly eating a dozen grapes at midnight. The fruit is said to be a predictor of the year ahead: Each sweet grape represents a good month, each sour grape a less-than-lucky one. "

Martha's idea of threading grapes onto skewers, and serving each in a glass of something bubbly just before the countdown is going to be added to our New Year traditions.

(If any of us stay awake that late.)


Native Landscaping

A beautiful example of embracing the natural landscape instead of covering it up with evergreens and shrubs. I am swooning over the door/gate on the right (custom designed by artist Ned Kahn).

These steps look wonderful for playing or mingling.
scanned via Nov/Dec 08 Garden Design mag

"We're at a crucial point in history. The way we produce and cook our food is going to radically affect what the next generation grows up on."

Jamie Oliver



scanned via a recent Garden Design Issue

Great Advice

"Save pennies. Spend dollars."

Crazy, crazy weather

We went ice skating this week...

...In the middle of our street.

Weather is a fascinating thing.


Shelves and Stairs

This is a room I could get comfy in.
via Roche Bobois

Christmas Train

We already have the cake pan...



Studio Mela


Taken out of context, but universally true

...I can’t help but reflect on what, in my view, is the most important rule of business in today’s integrated and digitized global market, where knowledge and innovation tools are so widely distributed. It’s this: Whatever can be done, will be done. The only question is will it be done by you or to you. Just don’t think it won’t be done...

-Thomas L. Friedman, NY Times

Lollipop Trees

I just nabbed this unlabeled photo off a friend's blog and have to guess that it comes from the creative mind of Amy Atlas. The table is pure delight at first glance, and then you notice that the stands in the background are little trees, but not just any trees, they are growing lollipops!

Suddenly you realize you might have died and gone to a very aesthetically pleasing and detail-oriented heaven.


Isn't she lovely?

This little one reminds me of my own kiddos.


Concept Interiors

I want a hole in my wall.

Some extra time during the day would be nice too.