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You never know what you'll find when clearing out old bookmarks...

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Finding Light

Photography is simply finding light, it is no more complicated than that.

Carl E Nunn


Isn't it a wonderful day to be an American?


Yes, please

I have concluded that for me the most important feature of a home is good light. Good design is probably a close second. This kitchen appears to have both. Maybe one more set of windows on the left exterior wall to achieve absolute perfection?

This could be my favorite kitchen ever.
via Jan. '09 Met Home via here

Orbit Chandelier - Patrick Townsend

This makes me think creative thoughts.

Eames Elephant

If Baby Girl inherits the guest room furniture I might need to splurge on an Eames Elephant to add a little fun and whimsy to her room. She is an animal lover after all!

Fabric Scrap Memory Game

I don't have fabric scraps, but this has inspired me to put together our own version of a memory game in the near future. We spend so much time playing it, we might as well add a new dimension of fun to the game...


More Evie

I have grown rather fond of this little angel.


I've never been a big fan of pictures like this, but seeing a baby fit on my shelves was kind of funny.




I like that the deck has its own little nooks and walkways that provide some separation.

scanned via Nov/Dec 08 Garden Design Mag

Sleeper Ottoman

It looks like the infrequently used guest room might become T's quiet in-home office (which means I get to take back the main floor office!) so I am back to casually looking at hidden and visually appealing sleeping situations for guests that can be used by us the 345 days of the year no one is visiting.

It looks like 'A' will be inheriting the guest room furniture when she finally moves out of her crib since it would just wind up in a corner in the basement. I love the set, and it will be fun and interesting trying to make it a bit younger and girlier for her.






No, I wouldn't want this wall of windows if it faced my neighbor's house, but with this lovely view I would take it in a heartbeat.
via Roche Bobois

Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.

-Chinese Fortune Cookie

ZeZe Flowers

This is the most stunning floral arrangement I have ever seen.
scanned via recent garden design issue