Coral Pendant - DWR

This light has always appealed to me, but I couldn't picture it in a room . . .

Now I can and I love it!

room image via
Traditional Home, found on Oh Happy Day


Anonymous said...

holly if you have time to do this then i know you have time to go to Costco and get the cd's!

Holly said...

I'm going tomorrow with Mandi, don't worry. Your disk will be in the mail no later than Monday morning dear cousin.

This is my mindless regaining sanity stuff and it only takes a second. Pictures on the other hand . . . Oy! They are time consuming.

Jane Flanagan said...

Here's another pic: http://seenandsaid.blogspot.com/2008/03/this-light.html

I'm in lust with it (and jealous of a toddler, it turns out!)

Holly said...

I'm jealous of my toddlers all the time. I wish someone would spoil me, make my food, take care of all the mundane details and even force me to take a daily nap!

Thank-you so much for the link - you are fantastic!