Art - 2Michaels Design

I like these canvases.

{Design by 2Michaels}
via dti


sam said...

love the art, where did you find this?

Holly said...

I am pretty sure I got both images from desire to inspire, who credited them to an interior design company. I usually label any images I download really well, but with my computer dying I haven't been as on the ball as I usually like to be. I scrolled through some old posts on dti trying to find the link, but couldn't. To be honest, I don't even know when I saved the images, but they are lovely. Sorry!

2michaels said...

A friend just sent me your blog and wondered if the pictures were from our firm 2Michaels. They are indeed. Design to Inspire posted the photos from a recent article on us in Interior Design Magazine.
Thanks so much for posting the 2 images. The first one is from my sister (and partner) Joan's apt and the second is from my apt.
I love your blog, I'll be checking in daily.

Jayne Michaels

Holly said...

I must confess to being jealous that you get to look at these daily!

Thanks for the information. I will add a link and look forward to exploring 2Michaels when I am back to having regular computer access.