Ofi Bench Box

Woohoo! This bookshelf I liked is the Offi Bench Box (with tube legs, not casters). You can get it with a pad too.

I had decided I was just going to get Ikea's Expedit Bookcase, turn it on its side, and find steel tube legs - now I'm not sure. The Offi bench isn't available until 2009 though, and my son needs shelves now.

I like the low profile look of the Lack Shelf used like Sfgirlbybay did (Thanks Jane!), but it would be a bit long for the room.


pat said...

Some of the visuals you post surprise me--they are the homes of my friends that I grew up in. So retro.

Jane Flanagan said...

You're welcome ;)

I like the idea of the Expedit. It's a quick easy solution. Especially over waiting until 2009 (let's not wish away the rest of 2008 yet!)

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