It is too easy to forget that you are truly in love with someone. Its not that you don't love them anymore, you just find yourself taking the relationship and all the emotions it can contain for granted. You get lazy with the relationship and let go things that make that relationship what it is. At least that is what I have found.

I've started to put together a spot for me, and I am toying with framing some "love" prints and overlapping them on an art ledge. It could be a fun addition to a fun spot. We'll see. It might be nice to have a casual reminder that I have something worth cherishing and that to keep it that way I need to remember that I have it.

Some prints I am liking (from a very quick search):
Don't you love this print? The wording more than anything.

Anything by Made by Girl:

Especially Deeply Madly

I'm trying to decide if I like this print
by I Am Still Alive. It fits the theme, but is it too much?

I'm not meaning to sound all obnoxious and "oh, I have the best relationship ever," or "my marriage is doomed." I just needed to do this to remind me of how easy it is to get completely absorbed in our daily lives and our kids and forget why we decided to make a life together in the first place.

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