Cyndi Lauper by Tamara Jensen

These colors aren't what I am usually drawn to, but I really like this piece by Tamara Jensen


Julie said...

Tamara does amazing work! I happened to know her and gave her the most vague idea of what I wanted (things like "movement", "unexpected" and "stay away from girlie colours") and she came up with the most amazing piece - I LOVE IT! I can honestly look at it 12 times a day and each time something different will come through. My piece is the last one on this page: http://tamjensen.viewbook.com/portfolio/galleries/colours?p=1&s=UA-12551705-1 but you can see her versatility with some of the others. Yours has the same kind of feel and I'd recommend her work to anyone that wants a piece they'll have for a long time!

Holly said...

What a beautiful piece you are lucky enough to enjoy daily!