The List

The things I am working on this year:

-Discover the perfect rich chocolate cake recipe. An over-the-top, lots of fudge frosting/mousse filled layers, makes you want to moan it is so good cake that T always craves.

-Simplify. Eliminate needless spending. Put together a budget and follow it.

-Be in bed with lights out by 10. Try to be in bed by 9:30 and spend the next half-hour winding down and reading.

-No computer past 9 pm, it throws off my sleep. Limit computer time all around.

-Create a healthier lifestyle. Eat better, sleep better, spend more time outside, be more active, think happier thoughts, spend more time on positive and quality things...

-Health is a privilege. Do what is needed to merit it.

-Plan out menus for the week. Waste less food and eat healthier through planning.

-Do all cleaning, laundry, etc. on the same day each week. Put laundry away the same day it is washed.

-Start exercising in the morning. This will entail setting my alarm (sigh), but if I don't do it in the morning, it usually doesn't happen.

-Clean out my closet. Toss the things I shouldn't be wearing. Replace with a few items I should be wearing if needed. (Translation: You know the outfits you swore you would never wear? Lazy slobby things like huge sweats and ugly t-shirts? Un-flattering pants and tops you previously would have been humiliated to wear in private, but now wear to take your kids to school? It is a slippery slope and I am afraid that I have begun to slide. Even if I have days when all I do is play at home with the kids there is no reason I can't wear something that is practical and put-together. It isn't heels or nothing.)

-Do things immediately. I have always had a tendency toward procrastination, and recently realized that if I take care of thoughts or things that need to be done immediately, I am motivated to do what needs to be done, freeing me to move on to whatever comes up next. If I push things to the side, oh boy, the delay in completing them rapidly spins out of control until it is just too overwhelming for me to even think about, so I put them off some more or forget about them entirely. I can make my life much easier if I just take care of ideas and things as they come up - it is quick and painless.

-Be on time. If I have a few extra minutes before I need to do something or go somewhere I immediately think that that means I have a few extra minutes to squeeze something in. I forget that there is always something that will delay things a bit or take more time than planned. Usually thinking that I will be somewhere early means that I will arrive on time and be much more pleasant and not stressed.

- This is the year that my "little project" either happens or I am moving on. (For those that know about it, it is still a (very prolonged) go. I'm in the process of switching factories....)

-Relax and enjoy life. It flies by so quickly and there is so much that is worth soaking in.

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