I'm not a red person

I do appreciate the color red as an accent in my wardrobe: red shoes, clutch, coat. But in my home? No thank-you. So surprise, surprise when I found myself loving this kitchen. It is so cheerful. Maybe I like it because it is not a warm red and there is a rather flashy high gloss? Either way it is fabulous and such a nice addition of color.
poorly scanned via Spring 09 Renovation Style


Anonymous said...

I love red, and this did not overwhelm me. I find that odd! But I do love the giant island and the countertop on said island.

Holly said...

Maybe that is why I find it appealing? It is something that a typical red-lover wouldn't like? Hmmm.

The island is lovely.

The Little Big House said...

I found the glamorous glossy red in this kitchen refreshing after seeing so many prefect subway-tile white versions. I still love me an all white kitchen though.
It is probably the same reason I am digging the black cabinet kitchens that seem in vouge now, although I doubt I could ever be as bold!

Holly said...

I find the black appealing too, but in the end I like more light, which means I too am drawn to white or light kitchens.