Desert Beauty

Living where I live has sold me on never again living anywhere that isn't alive and green. So I had to laugh when this garden in the Arizona desert completely drew me in and left me inspired.

I've realized that I am losing interest in a traditional lawn and yard. I will always want one large area of grass to be able to play on, but other than that, grass is becoming a bit boring, too thirsty, and high maintenance. A big open yard is plain, paths and separated areas are appealing. Mulch in beds looks nice, but river rocks adds more interest.

I am curious to see what I would wind up doing to a yard if I had a house that something untraditional would work well with, especially if it was in the green setting I hope to stay in.

scanned via Garden Design March 09


Anonymous said...

This is sensational. I used to live in AZ and adored it.

BTW your site is my go-to spot for R&R and calming ideas. I found it by chance and love it. Rock on!

Holly said...

Thank-you! Your comment is too funny because last night a friend commented that this blog was calming to her too. Who would have thought...

Anonymous said...

Clutter stresses me out; all your photos feature such clean, clutter-free spaces I sit here just wishing myself into them. So yes- calm!

superior said...