We Love Jam - Labels

Isn't this label delightful? I love its simplicity. I might have to get ambitious and come up with something similar for next year's freezer jam or to encourage my plans to learn how to can. Seeing how our fruit trees are starting to come back to life I need to figure out how to preserve the abundance of produce.

This company, We Love Jam, makes small batches of jam with disappearing and high quality fruit varieties. I am tempted to get on their waiting list.


Leslie said...

If you ever have too much fruit, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to take it off your hands :) I was just telling Wally the other day that I wished we had fruit trees....another day :)

pat said...

What do you mean by disappearing fruit?

Holly said...

I will definitely be offering fruit to anyone interested Leslie! This year is me still figuring out how these trees work, but I have real hope that I will have them back in shape and be on top of things next year. I know I will probably have extra pears and these funky green apricot-like things this year.

By disappearing I mean the varieties are becoming extinct.

Jane Flanagan said...

Yum yum yum! Jam never goes to waste at my house :)