The Perfect Dinner Party

September's issue of Bon Appetit is fantastic. The 3 recipes I've tried have been delicious and the Pomodori Al Forno has had me moaning with pleasure all afternoon. (I'll link to the recipe when they update the site to Sept.'s recipes if it is on there)

Included in the issue was a dinner made and enjoyed by Thomas Keller and Joel Gott. I had to save this image of the meal because it is so perfectly inviting and I want to join them right this minute. The table and bench are lovely, the sloppy drape of the tablecloth is delightful, the lemonade jar is perfect for kids, and the entire scene is just so warm and friendly.

I wouldn't mind the company either, especially if they were doing the cooking...
scanned via Sept. '08 Bon Appetit mag

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