Oh my . . .

My Dad is a wee bit obsessed with Haagen-Dazs, so when I read that they now make single serving size containers in this month's Gourmet mag, I had to laugh because he is always complaining that you can't buy HD in a half gallon size. I decided to check out the website and email him the link for laughs, and discovered a "serving suggestion" section with all sorts of recipes and ideas for different ways to use your ice cream.

I am intrigued, but know that somewhere my Dad is crying out in anger at the thought of decimating the perfection that is an unadulterated pint.

I had to write it that way because that is how passionate he is on the subject.

pssst, Dad! There is a quarterly newsletter you can sign up for!


Anonymous said...

Tis a dangerous thing to ruin the purity of the pure Haagen-Dazs.

Looks real good though.


Holly said...

Did you sign up for the newsletter?