hmmm . . .

Read this somewhere recently:

Make sure that everyone you encounter feels better about themselves/happier for having been around you.

I really need to take this to heart. Too frequently I am caught up in my own exhaustion or issues, or simply too caught up in me and forget to focus on the "you."

Also, I think the initial reaction is to think about this with people outside of my home, but what about my family? I think we reach such a high level of comfort that we tend to forget basic manners and good behavior because we know that those close to us will love us regardless of what we do or say. It is always good for me to be reminded that complaining or using a mean voice simply because I can is not a good thing. Bad moods are infectious. Fortunately, so are good moods. It always amazes me how quickly we can bring each other up or down, and I hope to spend more time on the "up" side of things.

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