A friend shared a challenge to share ten things I am grateful for.

Today is probably the best and worst day to do this. Best because I am feeling kind of cranky and could use the change of attitude, and worse because I'm kind of cranky and don't want a change of attitude. I just want a good nights sleep. And maybe a massage. By a handsome . . . .

It has just been a long day, so this list won't be as deep as it should be and will possibly be sassier than it should be, we'll see. Either way I think this is something I should try to do monthly, I am very blessed and need to remember that. The challenge included stopping complaining, so I am viewing this as getting stuff off my chest so that I can wake up happy, refreshed, and complaint free.

So, I am grateful for . . .

The occasional solid 8 hours of sleep a night. Oh so very grateful.

Modern conveniences: dishwasher (no, not Trevor, the machine) washer and dryer, indoor plumbing even when my 4 year old thinks it is cool to try and avoid it, modern medicine and doctors that don't have to trek through 10 miles of snow to bring my child the equivalent of Tylenol, computers and internet, phones, electricity, you name it. Although today is Earth Day and I should probably be writing a post about how all this stuff is going to kill us in the end, but oh well.

Good health. Even though we seem to have more than our share of minor illnesses over the last few months, they are simply that, minor.

The Ocean. It is truly magical. I am grateful that my son seemed to have caught a glimpse of this on our recent trip to Coronado Island. I am even more grateful that we were able to sit side by side, watching the sunset together for close to an hour. M told me that he likes the waves. It was a magical evening (My new favorite picture of him throwing sand in the sunset was taken that night.)

Spring. I have decided that it is my favorite time of year. I have been desperately waiting for my trees to blossom and it has been pure joy watching and appreciating them. I am amazed at how gorgeous the blossoms are and am perplexed as to how to take a photo that would share that beauty. I am grateful for the abundance of mature flowering trees in my backyard; I feel that the abundance is what makes the whole scene so stunning. I am not so thrilled about the geese and the ducks honking on the occasional morning, but I am grateful for our pond and I did buy earplugs today . . .

Really good food. Local produce and unique, not mass-produced food items. A husband that appreciates this also and who will eat his veggies and even eat vegetarian fairly frequently. I am also grateful that said husband appreciates the effort that goes into a truly delightful meal, and wouldn't be satisfied with a TV dinner. His patience with the occasional droughts of good cooking are nice too.

My little family and the knowledge that we can be together forever.

Books. You can find anything you need or want to know in them.

Good design. I just wish I could afford it.

Delicious water. There is really bad water out there, and there is nothing more wonderful than a cold, crisp glass of the good stuff in a real glass. Good water does not include bottled water, sorry. Plastic tastes nasty and supposedly even Wal-Mart (Yes, even Wal-Mart) is banning bottles that include BPA, so that should say it all. We have a local well I need to check out . . .

The innocence of children. I think my eldest is starting to leave this stage and I am realizing how much I appreciate it.

Now start making your own gratitude lists!

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