The Dark Ages

T was tearing out our front yard (yes, he is going to be T now. It is quicker and less personal!) and cut our internet cable; not just once, but four or five times according to the repairman. When we first realized what happened the company told me that would not be out to fix it for FOUR days and I just about went into shock. Four days without the internet? What was I going to do? Yes, I have a problem.

After getting over the initial withdrawal period I was actually excited - What was I going to do with these extra snippets of time? Read more, lay on the grass, cuddle my kids that much longer? Hooray for the freedom! Our www-free time was being enjoyed. Then the company called and informed that someone was on their way and I must admit to feeling kind of disappointed. Sort of like my vacation had been canceled due to inclement weather. Sort of like my computer was a ball and chain.

So . . . I had already formed my own personal internet anonymous group and had started distancing myself from checking email multiple times a day, and I am even more motivated to stick with the plan and make it through all the steps so that I can claim that I am Holly, and I am NOT an addict. Sure, I love the internet. It keeps me informed of what goes on in a world outside of mine. I also have to use it for a few different things I do, and while this blog isn't a need, it is just pure pleasure and helps me feel like I can get out a coherent thought, so that is ok. The occasional mindless 'net surf? Probably not so great. A book would be better, but I am making progress. I'll find that happy middle ground between pasty computer shut-in and the me that enjoys my own reality, and I'll enjoy it.

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