Apple-Cheese Boats

So, lots of thoughts. Lots of ideas. Lots of stuff to figure out over the next little bit. Starting with fun little apple-cheese boats.

I decided this would make a fun reality and when M saw the first one he just grinned and excitedly said "I want to make one." We spent the next half hour making all sorts and sizes of boats to replace the ones that got shipwrecked and eaten by sharks or octopuses. Thick slices of apple, cheese and toothpicks are all you need for a very fun and very healthy snack. Multiple toothpicks and different sizes of cheese sails make for some pretty intense pirate ships!

We are going to start posting ideas like this on tutus & turtles so I decided I might as well stick my initial on photos that will be posted there. That is what that little smudge in the corner is!

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