Dreaming of Daffodils

I love bulbs, but have only recently started to really enjoy daffodils. Arrangements like this are an argument for them being my favorite flower. {Tulips are my favorite}

My Mom has a hill full of Spring bulbs and I would love to have something similar one of these days. It just allows you to freely cut without completely clearing out the outdoor color. I liked this idea of using scalloped scissors on parchment paper to make a nice, simple wrapping for a floral gift.

As a little reminder to myself, my Mom always let us cut the flowers from her front yard to make these fun little "flowers floating in a bowl arrangements." I highly doubt she regrets or even remembers that her yard may not have always looked perfect, but I will always remember those afternoons spent making arrangements and always remember that she gave our curiosity priority over aesthetics.

I aspire to always do that.

images scanned from April 2008 MS Living Mag

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