I am burnt out. I can't take having sick kids anymore. I hate saying that because I realize our situation is not that bad, but I am just done. I was threatening to lock myself in the guest room and go back to bed as both kids sobbed at me this morning. I was needing to get out and go to church today, but Trev has to teach, so he is gone and I am stuck in the dungeon.

This picture kinds of shows how I feel. I am hopeful that the sun will peak out from behind the clouds and things will get better. In reality, when I took this picture it was the most sun shown all afternoon. Bummer.

On the bright side, I ran errands yesterday (!) and stopped by Macy's and picked up the cake stand I've had my eye on. It is lovely, and if I keep liking it I will go back and get it in the other sizes.

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