Sixx Design + Inspirational Styles

We are watching a movie and lately I find myself enjoying random internet surfing while I veg on the couch. Thanks goodness for wireless routers.

I somehow found this amazing husband and wife design team: Sixx design (named for their six kids). Love everything they showed on their site. They are extremely talented.

How cool is is that they use a glass "garage door" to open the inside to the outside? I want to live somewhere that this is doable.

I love how these clear chairs don't distract from the table or the art. I like that they are art in and of themselves.

I saw a straight-on image of this "flower art" and now can't find it. It seemed to be artificial flowers attached to some sort of board and then encased by glass. Very unique.


In tracking down pictures to help me remember them I discovered an old blog, Inspirational Styles. This staircase was featured, and it is amazing. I love architecture that doubles as art.

This bathroom is also from IS. It would make me feel like I was at a spa everyday, and I think I need that in my life.


Jen said...

i love those clear chairs - i want them. dave thinks i am ridiculous. i keep bugging him for them..how you will need a room for plates - i will need a room for chairs one of these days...

Holly said...

Too funny.