A new blog

Due to circumstances that have me toying with making our family blog private, I have decided to try out doing a second blog: one that is still us, but with less information. Since I can easily copy and paste posts and then remove some writing or more personal pictures, this would be an abbreviated version of our life, but would still keep those that don't want to deal with the password informed. Plus, it is fun to get back in touch with people through blogging, and I don't want to end that.

And yes, this blog seems to focus more on me, but I just want it to be less personal when it comes to the kids - it isn't a narcissistic-obnoxious thing (at least to me!).

Because I would like to become a better photographer (New Year's Resolution), I might occasionally beg friends to let me photograph their kids or try to shoot something non-kiddy. Blogging is the only way I have ever kept track of pictures, so this will allow me to look back and critique myself without distracting from the family blog. Photography is still just for me, but I've realized that I am in a "my kids rut", and I need to think outside my little box to get better in general and to do a better job documenting our life. A challenge can be a very good thing. These occasional pictures will be posted here, plus I'll post a few pics that are overkill on our family blog, so there will be some variety between our blogs!

This is just a temporary experiment, so let me know if you are actually checking both, or just one or the other by leaving (always enjoyed) comments. If it turns out to be more of a pain than just a few extra minutes, I'll give it up, but I might as well give it a try before I get serious about a private blog.

I threw up some pictures from the last couple of months because I couldn't have a blog with nothing on it!

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