A few more of Porter

Some close-ups. He almost makes me want to have another one.


Trev thought this positioning/angle was weird. Any thoughts?


Our Blog said...

What a love!

jules said...

He's adorable. I don't think that pose is weird, only because newborns can scrunch up any way and, even though they don't look comfortable, they are.

The Grant Family said...

I am a friend of Melissa's and I just wanted to tell you that your photo's are remarkable!! I wish I lived near you so you could do some of my girls!! Good luck in all that you do!

Holly said...


Randy, Crystal, and Kaiden said...

These are so precious! The pose it not weird at all. It a typical newborn pose - they get in the strangest positions that look like they would be so sore when they wake up. You are a gifted photographer and I really enjoyed looking at your work!

Holly said...

Thank-you for the input!

Photography is a work in progress, but it is enjoyable.